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How do I recover a deleted email?
Last Updated 2 years ago

1. Login into web based email:

2. From the right window pane browse your folders and locate the ‘Deleted Items’ folder. Right click on this folder to bring up a drop down menu. The last option should be ‘Recover Deleted Items’, click this.

3. A new window opens with a list of recently deleted items. Look for the email you want to recover and once located right click again and select the option ‘Recover’

4. Lastly select the folder where you want to return this email to, click ‘Recover’ and you are done. *Remember this is date sensitive so if the email was from a month ago you may have to scroll down to locate the recovered item (assuming you organize your email by date).

*Note: If you do not see the email you are seeking and have exhausted search capabilities please contact the IT Department as we should be able to recover email through our archive engine.

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